Online Authenticator


We are working on Online Authenticator on our free time, and even if we don't want it to be our main income, it would be very nice if could have a little something for all the work done on this project.

As a matter of fact, the hosting of the service isn't free either, and as the number of users will continue to grow, it will cost more and more. So a little help to cover our expenses on this matter is always welcomed !

What will you gain ?

If you donate a minimum of 10 Swiss Francs (CHF), you will gain access to exclusive feature for an entire year as of the date of the donation.

For now the feature list isn't very exciting, but we plan on adding new ones on a regular basis. If you have some ideas, we will gladly hear about them and maybe we can add them for you !

Exclusive features

Security log
Have a look on every actions done on your profile, so you can, for example, easily detect if someone else is accessing it.

Coming soon

Authenticator sharing
Share the access to your Authenticator with other people. They will be able to see the code, but nothing else. Ideal to let your girlfriend farms for you ;)
Multiple Authenticator
Add other Authenticators to your account, they will be all displayed on the same page for yor convenience.
Improved Security
We are actually thinking on various way to improve the security of a particular account. When the implementation will be done, you will be able to activate various feature to secure your account.

You convinced me, how can I participate ?

Just click on the paypal button below and choose the amount you want to contribute ! The donation will be made in Swiss Francs but Paypal will automatically convert the amount to the desired currency.

If you decide to donate at least 10 CHF you will be eligible for the benefits discussed above. Just send us an email with the proof of payment and your login name to